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The Borderline Between Cybersecurity And Individual Freedoms

The goal of the conference is to raise awareness among different interest groups and professionals about developments in the field of cybersecurity. Technological development poses new challenges in maintaining cyberspace safe for governments, businesses and private individuals. Governments respond to increasing cyber-threats by developing new strategies and regulations. This often requires finding a compromise between national safety and privacy rights of individuals or the technological independence of businesses.
This half-day conference in Vilnius will address topics such as the latest cyber-threats, most recent developments in the European and US regulatory framework, as well the consequences of these developments for private individuals and businesses. Under discussion will be imperatives and challenges, solutions and ideas to make cyberspace resilient.

The conference audience includes business leaders, politicians and senior civil servants, representatives of civil society; professionals working in the fields of law, IT, finance, and other cybersecurity-sensitive fields; researchers, and analysts with a focus on cybersecurity.

A predominantly Lithuanian audience will also include participants from the ENAM (European Network of American Alumni Associations) representing all European countries. 
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